So ESRScreatives new home is set up !

Here’s a snippet of my first post at ESRScreatives new home, the EMILY movement:

the post is called food shoot:

A snap shot of the food I eat during the week. cashews, pistachios and pears.


blog me

Hello Everybody. An essential for me: variety in my eating. yes please. Presenting my most recently devoured this week!

CASHEWS PISTACHIOS AND PEARS have been made into some lovely raw bars, by me. its energy food and its super tasty. ORANGES are my fruit. EDAMAME BEANS because they are tasty… 

FS 1 6 bw circleFD 1 7 bw circleFS 1 1 bw circle

you can click (HERE) to read the rest of the post! I hope you all like it,give me a like / share / comment if you do !


cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“as you can see I decided to change the name! I never disliked ESRScreatives, but it just was not quite right! Now the EMILY movement fits much better with me, and what I want to do. I’ve been re blogging my favourite blog post on ESRS for a few months, and these are the types of posts you will see more of over at our new home!”


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