The Top to Re:Blog: Collect. Desire. Require.

Look at these beautiful things. Hmm, if only a beautiful bird would fly past and drop them outside my front door in a ginormous glamourously wrapped package…

summertime wants wishlist wish listcolect desire require 1

cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“I really like this blog post. Really like it. ESRScreatives is moving home (read that HERE), and I have decided to clarify my blogging a little more. That means more of my favourite posts. And Collect. Desire. Require. has definitely been one of my favourite type, so there will be more of this if you like it? I hope so!”


Summer is slowly coming to an unfortunate end, and although this is a little (too) fashionably late to the party, here’s some of the collected images ESRScreatives have been thirsty for this season.

cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpgEmily Thinks: “Simply. I’m liking these style of posts. One for me to keep creating! …and for you to

Keep Reading!”

geometric bag greek sandals lilac and nudes makeup look

‘What is your attraction to these peculiar items Emily?’ Well..:

Geometrics are about at the moment in interior design, they I think are simple, yet fascinating and add an unusual baffling dimension to a room. A little off topic I know… but bringing the geo to to body from the room, is what I’m trying to get at here. I want this bag because why would you not want to carry round this geometric gem around with you? It reminds me of a simplified cloud. It looks like crumpled paper, and I think the shapes are never-ending-ly time consuming to the eye, it would PERK UP a lovely simple outfit or a daringly busy one, and I want it.

GREEK SANDALS (or Sensual Ancient Egyptian, #ESRSterms).
In love with my Birkenstocks. Fantasising over Sensual Ancient Egyptian themes, and ugly-ness which actually makes you pretty. These style of sandals have been tickling my fancy all summer think they make your legs look great.. maybe the size of them which is big and bold, and the simple lines they are formed with.

LILAC EYES (with warm nudes)
Always a fan of purple makeup, always will be. Fancying in particular this lovely blue-y lilac. I don’t think you can have too much purple in your collection, so I will be purchasing a lovely blue-y lilac cream shadow to go with some lovely nudes and terracotta shades ASAP. These colours are just Lust-Worthy and giving ESRScreatives some COLOURSPIRATION.

TUNIC TOPS & lady-shape (#ESRSterms) hiding dresses.
It’s really funny, but although clothes that nip you in the waist can be enhancing and attractive. I do like a good, big, Shaper, (I know these words aren’t doing it justice). I just, feel, sometimes, that it actually promotes my shape to look better than when I wear tight-fitting. I guess you just reveal the arms, and legs that look nice and long contrasting the big, and keep the rest to the imagination… I think these lines that are created from the big shapes, the ones bigger than to body, seem to frame it somehow. and its just nice. That is what it is, nice.

And here is a final montage of what I would look like, should I happen to acquire these peculiar items:

tunic cut top


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