The Top to Re:Blog: Colour: the past week in: Green

Colour: Which colours & How they have taken part in Emily’s week.


b an w Emily 6 flip circle“Hello everybody, I have had a complete change around, and I guess it all started with this blog post. Green, is a colour I’m really quite into right now. I’m just really enjoying those harmonious feelings it gives me. I must have gone off the colour for nearly 5 years it must be. I like this blog post. I’ve thrown away that green bra though, it was just too black for me, and was a little odd in its fit. Black is a colour I am trying to head away from in clothes. Colour just makes my world go round. Anyhow I hope you enjoy this post, I like all the things in here still apart from that bra.”


The Last Seven Days have been featuring: Autumnal Changes: GREENS. The Emily’s Life Categories these have been fitting into are: Lifestyle.

b an w Emily 6 flip circleEmily says: “Colour is the fuel that make my brain cogs turn round. It feeds my creative hunger and helps me to be constructive with my creativity. ‘Colour: the past week in’ is a show and tell post to talk about which colours, why, and how they have been part of ESRScreatives over the past 7 days.”

Not quite really sure which Emily’s Life category this fits into, it ended up going into lifestyle, but it’s more of an appreciation of the colour, I just been drawn to its attractive side I guess. Green isn’t a popular colour at the moment with me (evidence: Image above. Paragraph below.), but I can appreciate it now and again. Maybe its because there is less green in our environment now the trees have turned and the grass is somewhat dull and cool, past its summer vibrancy and juicy life. I own a lime green eye shadow which occasionally pops up during the summer months, and I wore a similar eyeshadow for some modelling work I’ve done. Just lime green and thick black mascara with a Fushia pink lip, so I guess that’s my excuse for thinking I can just about pull it off. Anyway to the:

as you can see, this not seen no love for a long time.. WHERE ARE THE MATCHING KNICKERS?! who knows, who knows..

This is a lovely Rosemary & Tangerine blend, really relaxing with an undertone of Lavender. I spoke a little more about this beast-ie in this post (HERE).

This powder is really really lovely, which was a bonus because I only bought this for the compact! It has the lovely fresh Paul & Joe scent, it’s fine, enough luminosity & it’s got SPF which I find I forget to apply during the darker months on the sunny days!

These two colours, part of a quad palette (The Wild Thing), now in this baby palette as I just don’t use them that often! Though the highlight shade is lovely occasionally for an iridescent update to your look.

I bought this on offer as part of a pastels set! I had heard great things about these pens, but to be honest I don’t really get on with them. I guess if fine liners are your thing then they’re good quality, and although the nibs have flattened  little on mine, they don’t flatten as much as some.

Not really green things but I just felt they improved this image.. especially the candle, the smell if you could smell it would just really make this lovely for us all to share. you know.

And here’s my Green-a-fide Pinterest picks below:

By the way, if you like seeing posts featuring Pins, you will enjoy checking my sundayPINSPIRATIONALs (an example HERE)) & my more fashion leaning posts, Getting Skinny With It (one of them (HERE)). You can visit my Pinterest board (Colour: the past week in: (HERE)) to find original sources of today’s post & more Colour: the past week in: related pins.

Screen shot 2014-11-28 at 17.20.49 Screen shot 2014-11-28 at 17.21.03 Screen shot 2014-11-28 at 17.21.12 Screen shot 2014-11-28 at 17.21.41 Screen shot 2014-11-28 at 17.21.54 Screen shot 2014-11-28 at 17.22.07 Screen shot 2014-11-28 at 17.22.21 Screen shot 2014-11-28 at 15.41.29

cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpgHI THERE! ME AGAIN! Bet you’re glad to see my lovely face!
I have entered this blog into the UK Blog Awards. I’m not too sure what it’s all about (sounds a tad on the serious side, you know? Especially for a new blogger like myself) but hey, LIVING LIFE ON THE WILD SIDE OF TOWN oooowwwww

YOU GUYS, YOU GOT THE POWER. And I’m really serious when I say that! You Guys, you got the power. The Power, to make a change. …and that is in the UK Blog Awards. So if you like what you see, send this blog some (motivational) Love from the naughty shack of Barry White and give us a vote-y vote vote!

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO VOTE for ESRScreatives, click the image below to take you to the voting website, enter your name and e-mail and that’s all folks!  See you all soon!”

Uk Blog awards

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