The Top To ReBlog: Collect. Desire. Require. SPRING 15

 Spring 15 / Lighten everything up / Sex factor & Get out the toes! 

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cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“A Re Blog a little too soon. Even though its technically now summer, I’m still looking at these Spring choices and feeling inspired.”

Spring time is here. I can’t wait to get my cheeky toes into those birk-ees and out around town. Here’s a few cuts and embellish I’m being inspired by.

cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpgEmily Says: “I like the sex factor in the casual and I like the chunk this season. Yes.”

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‘What is your attraction to these peculiar items Emily?’ Well..:

Chunky and big. Just the way I like it.

Texture is good, and it’s especially good if its clean and simple. Making it puffy just makes me enjoy it just like the fat shoelaces. I can appreciate it with the childs eye from within.

I like the sports inspired chunky leggings. They look comfy and you”ll be able to pull them out for the chill when the spring sun goes down. I’m also wanting those lovely knitted trousers and tops, the knit creates such smoothing lines over the body, its easy on the eye and cosy.

thumb thumb thumb thumb thumb

Valentino inspired, I’m really enjoying the sex factor of these sea life see-throughs. Made more wearable by bringing easy childlike motifs into the picture.

This is calling spring time sheek comfort. I’d love to wrap up in this on the windy days. The way these cuts wrap round the body creating long lines down and into the body just looks really classic-ly casual.

This neckline I always find more sexy flattering than its close sister, the halter neck. Halterneck I think is probably the most unflattering neckline I can think of. I guess if you are small busted and need to widen yourself out in that area it can be useful but anyhow, this is the sexiest sister. Shoulder enhancing and non-widening.

I always like a bit of nautical feeling during the brighter lighter months. It’s fresh, casual and really easy to style.

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