Dandy Topsy Duos: DRY LIPS


I photographed these two lip balms a long time ago. I didn’t post this post in the end because my lips started not needing it, I was using the Nivea alone. Suddenly the duo is back in my life. I’ve gone through countless tubes of both these products, they really do the job, and an even better job together:

This lip balm has lanolin in, which is my favourite ingredient EVER for lip balms. It comes from sheep fur, and protects their hair and skin. It is very similar to the sebum our own skin creates, so it soaks in super fast. It’s hydration and because the cream is medicated, it looks after any soreness or chapping. You can also use it to treat coldsores.
It’s also a great lip balm to create a primer before any lipstick, it soaks in, but if you add a little extra you can create a tacky base for that lipstick to adhere too.

Slowly hydrating and one that sits on the lips for a long time, offering a good protecting during the colder months and SPF all year round. I find using this lip balm regularly really maintains the state of my lips, without it, my lips go through phases of building up dry then after a good scrub it happens again in a weeks time.

so.. My lips have suddenly had a super dry spell. Too many matt lipstick days over the last month. Dry. Thick. Skin, sore, and my Nivea has not been doing the job alone. Luckily I had a tiny bit of my Blistex left in the tube, a little goes a long way with this stuff, and by applying a little of this on my lips first and leaving for a minute to soak in, then adding Nivea on top to seal it in for longer lasting action. I’ve suddenly remembered why I always carried both these with me all the time.

thumb thumb thumb thumb thumb

“Bit of a brown cow post today,
but I hope the sun is shining where you are too?!
Suddenly having a colour surge urge to put colours on my face again.
I’ve gone through a very neutral natural tone coloured face, makeup wise, I think it may have been to do with the dark winter,but now the days have been warming up properly, I’m thinking of bright blue pinks and clashing colours again, I’ve also been having creative ideas that I was a bit stuck with before.
Back to Emily normal, with a few neutral updates.. next weeks post..?”


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