The Top to Re:Blog: Bulletin. Autumntime. Vol.2 : Chilli Hot Choc

warm it up with this proper (chilli) hot choc DIY.

hot choc image

cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“Despite the weather starting to warm up, I’ve been having a chocolate craving the last week. So I’m going back to this recipe in the cooler evenings as a comforting treat before bed! The chilli in the chocolate really freshens it up so its still good to drink even though its spring, plus the weather hasn’t warmed up to its best has it..?”

It’s that time of year to get the heating on, socks on, and your comfy foods on.
This Bulletin. Autumntime. Vol.2 series is going to get you mix and matching some simple, yet EXTREMELY SATISFYINGLY SENSUAL treats to tingle your taste buds and warm you up in the evenings of crunchy cold air, chilly willies, plus hungry tums & bums. cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“I can honestly not wait, I have been munching and tasting away for this lovely mini-series! scrum yum yum in my tum”. Conkers are bonkers. Acorns. Squirrels. Foxes. Boots. Coats. Wraps. Blankets. Yes!

we’ve got a Chilli Hot Choc to heat you up from the inside out. By using fresh chilli, you cut through the richness of the chocolate to create something thats filling, sweet and dark yet fresh for your mouth. A real treaty for you.

So here it goes, it’s a bit of a whopper:


cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“This is my favourite and the ONLY way to make hot chocolate. So much better than the sugary powders you get from shops (see #4 HONEY below)! ANYTHING is possible with proper hot chocolate! It’s just so exciting.”

On a serious note, I do honestly find this really exciting.

#1 SOY/RICE/OAT/ALMOND ALTERNATIVE for hot milk recipes, I would strongly recommend using an alternative to milk. This way you can properly heat it up so its hot and simmering. Miss out that horrible tangy way milk goes after that certain point.. you know what I’m talking about.. I think a nut drink makes this taste lovely-er anyhow!
#2 MICROWAVE It’s fine if you want to microwave this bad boy. Remember your mug must be microwaveable and be extra EXTRA careful if you are using milk. For milk: I would melt the chocolate, in a good fifth of your mug, of water first. When thats done, add your milk and heat at 30 second intervals (stirring in between)! Do the smell test (yes it’s grim, but it has to be done) to make sure your milk doesn’t go past its limit.
If you are using a soy alternative, then you can just whack it all in your mug and heat it up, try for 2 minutes to begin with, then 1 minute intervals stirring each time.
#3 HOTNESS One chilli is HOT, but not burn your socks off hot. That’s how I like it, but if you are sensitive to chilli, I would try using the end off one first, you can always taste and add more through out the heating process.
#4 HONEY honey gets rid of that blunt sharpness that fresh chilli has! Add to your own taste. Instead of using sugar, the honey also adds an unusual depth to the Hot Choc (plus its a healthier alternative)!

This is such a lovely warmer for Autumn, I’m so pleased to have this recipe back out for Autumn and Winter! Bring it on!

COMING UP (thursday) thumb honey pecansA Sultry Sweet Pecan POP.

 hot choc image


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