RED DOT Reprise



A few weeks ago I posted a Red Dot REPRISE (HERE). I try to update the Red Dot party material every party, whilst keeping in with the branding; pop art themed, cheeky, vibrant colour scheme of four and bold type. One thing that everybody gets when they come to Red Dot as their entrance ticket is a badge! Previous years I have just used the Red Dot logo with a different coloured background, but this most recent party, I thought using the recognisable ‘faces of Red Dot’ from the marketing material, for the badges.

cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“I think these little guys are really POPular, people who attend Red Dot salsa & kizomba parties like to collect the badges from each year. I think they a fun, unisex and I covet the vibe the branding sets for the evening.”

thumb thumb thumb thumb thumb

2 1 SEO_pop_art_badges_event_entry_stamp


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