Beauty Article: Better than: the Soap & Glory KICK ASS concealer

better coverage / illuminating finish & crease free


I think the thing that has made Soap and Glory’s Kick Ass concealer a big hit amongst beauty land here in the UK, is the application of the under eye concealer, a reasonable concealer, & pretty good setting powder, all in a dinky compact, fab for your daily travels. A look at the components in detail please:


The under eye concealer. (bottom left) It, is, dreamy, this stuff is soft, buttery & it feels really sexy to apply, you just want to smooth it on all day to that delicate eye area.
The yellow concealer (middle) for spots, blemishes & redness. It’s a hardish waxy one and needs a little warming up, similar to the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, a little too soft still maybe. It is a good colour concealer, for skin tones with a yellow undertone, perfect for my winter skin. It’s fairly thick and sticks where you want it, but doesn’t set so you can rub your face accidentally and it will move.
The setting powder (top right) that comes with it. Good size, no fragrance, its clear, and it’s not a bad setting powder, maybe a little chunky for my taste. I would however go for a S & G setting powder over all the high-street powder options.

Having these three together, in one portable little pack, it’s a good thing. For £10, it is a good thing.

I’ve struggled to finish mine, as you can see in the picture. I purchased mine a while back BEFORE all the beauty land hype. The reasons I bought it, was because you get a hefty amount of product, and the packaging was CUTE with its little flap with powder and a mirror. Again, a Laura Mercier look alike, it compares to the Undercover Pot, which has two concealers, plus a teeny loose setting powder.


I want long lasting goodness, and I didn’t get.
This stuff is so BUTTERY, it has so much slip, it MOVES around your eye area. Even with setting powder, I look in the mirror an hour after application and think, did I put the concealer there? I don’t have an oily under eye area so I know that’s not the issue. With out an eye cream this product goes on a little dry but it still moves. Again, it’s so buttery, so much product comes off onto your finger, as you can see below in the swatches, and as you apply it, it slips everywhere so its just really hard to get right.
It creases into your fine eye lines, I didn’t even know I had fine eye lines, how ever little product I try to put on, it just doesn’t cut it.
The colour, although the right shade of peach in the pan, tends to whiten out too much when you apply it.
You have to pat this tit onto your eye area, I just feel so heavy and un-classy with it on.
I like using this product because of the packaging and it seems so useful, it’s just a shame about the quality.

better coverage / illuminating finish & crease free

This isn’t as dreamy to apply, but because of the thicker, waxier consistency, you have something you can work with, blend it, pat it, you get it where you want. The ingredients are fairly sensitive skin safe, non drying because of the light oils it contains. A petroleum base, yes, I’m not a big fan of petroleum, but it’s that that makes it stick where you want it, protect the delicate under-eye area and, you don’t need to set it with a powder for it to stay all day or night. A dewy finish creates an illuminating effect without glitter or shimmer. It’s great. You need less product on your brush and I love working with it.


Pixi Correction Concentrate in Brightening Peach on left. Soap & Glory peach under eye concealer on right.


If you are looking for just the under eye concealer
I think it’s worth spending the same amount of money for the Pixi Correction Concentrate, it works out a little more expensive for less product, but your under eyes will definitely look more naturally illuminated & radiant (if your under eyes can be radiant).

If you are looking for an all round handy compact
I think if you are after an easy, all round product purchase the S & G compact is the one for you, with the concealer and setting powder, it’s pretty handy, it’s just not quite right in the formula for long lasting and natural eyes.



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