A blog you must check out this weekend.

for an eloquent read / parenting ideas & inspiration to care for yourself

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cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“Hello Everybody. This is a blog you want to check out this weekend (HERE), it is called

Random Thoughts of a Twenty Something.”

carlaThis is Carla (sporting some lovely red lips!). Carla runs the blog, she is a mum and her parenting side is a recurrent attribute to her blog, BUT DON’T BE FOOLED! She’s multi-faceted… let me explain:

If you are looking for eloquently written reads, then Carla’s place, is the place to go.

guest postIf you are looking for a humorous take on parenting, then you should check out the post,
Carla actually guest posted this, which is a BIG THUMBS UP.


24 before 24If you are looking for inspiration. We should all (and can always be improving), the care of our wellbeing. Carla regularly writes and shows us how she has been looking after herself, something we can all take a little inspiration from;
Carla has devised
in which she has collated 24 things she is wishing to achieve before the age of 24. Keep an eye out on her posts because she will let you know when she’s ticked a new one off
photo evidence+ photo evidence!


photo postsAs touched on above. If you are looking for lots of photo posts, then this is the place to go.


olive teaIf you are looking for lifestyle product and experience reviews (for you and family), then this is the place to go. Check out her

blue hairPlus a pop of blue hair can not hurt anyone once in a while, if you like you what you’ve read here, then go check out

cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“FINALLY, Carla has been very supportive of my blog since I began, and I am very appreciative of this! Big Thank You! Thumbs up if you like her blog too!”

And this is the link to her blog (HERE) if you missed it the first (and second) time you naughty girls & boys!


Screen shot 2014-12-12 at 14.26.03



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