A contour & smoke look for winter & the party season.

day to night / simple, quick & effective


Going away for the christmas period? All you need is your contour & highlight shades, a brown shadow that you can define and build up to smoke it up, and a few lip shades to switch it up. An easy going nude, a CLASSIC SEXY RED & a party pink pop.


After the recent review of theBalm’s Bahama Mama Bronzer (see it (HERE)), it seemed appropriate to put together a winter, day to night look using Bahama Mama for the upcoming party season. Plus I’ve not done a Beauty Item for ages. I felt a brown smokey eye, would be suitable to wear during the day for the cold days ahead, alongside some contour and highlighting. It’s you = natural + defined + beautified + sexy. 

beauty infographic

after your base:
#1 For contour. Gently sweep a line along the concave of your cheek, from ear, following the cheek bone, blend with small circles. cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“I’ve blended my contour outwards into a long triangle onto my cheek. I feel this gives me more shape. You can do this with the Bahama Mama bronzer as it is a good contour AND bronze colour.” Once you’ve carved those cheekbones, use whats left on the brush to blend onto your temples, along your jaw line, and make sure to blend into your hairline too. Don’t forget to lightly apply a natural highlight onto the high points of your cheekbone.

#2 For eyes. Apply a dark cream shade into the centre of your eye crease, blend outwards to define. Build up the shadow and blend down onto the centre of the lid to make a really smokey extra drama eye. Leave the lid next to you eyelash line naked, so it shines through, this make your eye pop. cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“I’ve not added any mascara in the images above, as I wanted to wear this for day, and I wanted to be super natural and casual but clean.” You can use the brush you used for contour to blend over the lids, this will bring your eyeshadow colour and bronze together. I also lightly blended out a powder shadow at the edges of the cream shadow to bring a little light and extra dimension to that area.

#3 For lips. With such a neutral toned look, you can pretty much add any lip colour to this. Be aware that some colours may wash you out, so have some blush ready incase you need to add a smidge to your cheeks.

 I hope you’ve enjoyed this look ! Let me know your smokey ideas!


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