Info-Tokens: what’s the situation?

dark short days / christmas shopping & this week’s colour lovin

icy pop token

info token read relaxIt’s been a lovely sunny day, so I’ve been busy taking as many photos as possible for you guys.sunIt’s so hard taking photos in short dark days, the sun coming out is a bonus!info tokens beauty sneakinfo tokens beauty selfieLook out for the contour & smoke look coming up as a day look for the xmas/winter period, I’m using the Bahama Mama bronzer from theBalm which I reviewed last week (HERE)!thumb info tokensI’ve stuck my advents circles (you can download them (HERE) on the office xmas tree! It was decoration less, apart from some lights and a foot or two of tinsle, now its looking a little more christmassy and festive!dec week 2oo, I am loving these colours this week, can’t wait for them to pop up along the homepage! (pss, what’s coming up this week on ESRS (HERE)) icy pop tokenHere’s the ICY POP version of succulents, the face of this blog, and this weeks homepage will look super co-ord with this! cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“What do you reckon, let me know (in the comments below), should I change up the home page image for the season ahead?” busI’m popping out to do a little xmas shopping, plus to pick up a few bit’s for some posting for you!



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