Beauty Article: theBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer: the 3 in 1 definition hybrid.

looking for contour / bronzer & an eyeshadow in-one?


b an w Emily 6 flip circle
“Without further ado. Let me introduce you to the theBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer.”

This is a pretty good contour / bronzer & natural eye shade, at a pretty good price point. After hearing a little about this in beauty land, and after using it weeks myself, I thought I’d give you a review. Luckily I had my beauty blogger head on and took some photos as soon as I got it!
So if you are looking for a matt bronzer, looking to actually buy Bahama Mama in particular, or looking to try out contouring then this review is for you. (oo, and did I mention you can use it for eyes too?)

This is a product I think men could use too!


oo I do a love a good mini section break down. Let us begin with:

Despite adoring that every time I look at this packaging, the lovely lady on the front reminds me hugely of the beautiful Gigi Hadid(beautiful inside which makes her even more beautiful outside)9gig hadid, I really enjoy the cardboard packaging. I also think it’s man safe, it’s not shiny & sparkly, plus I think all men could get away with owning the sexy lady on the front of this;

If you fancy getting a feel for the cake (oo I say, you’re a bit forward mr.), perhaps before ordering online, packaging comparisons include Soap & Glory’s powders, Bourjois’ chocolate bronzer (Bahama Mama is most alike to this) & Benefit’s Box O’Powders. All similar in feel, to this paper compact.

Compact? Yes, it has a mirror too (a pretty good size and shape, you could do your whole face in this)! The cardboard is fairly tightly designed around the powder product, in other words, no unnecessary clump, (for your convenience ma’am). It fits nicely in the hand, the paper is velvet smooth and soft + it has a magnet to keep safely closed.

A fine, dry powder. There is a lot of fall-out when sweeping your brush across it, so make sure to dab your brush lightly when going in for the kill and always use setting powder first! For the price point though? I’m not complaining.



Now, to the bit which makes it bronzer and contour eligible.
#1 It’s matt. (contour applicable tick)
#2 The main vibe is a dark / warm brown. ( tick for contour / heading for bronze baby tick for bronzer)
#3 There are cool grey undertones. (contour applicable tick)
#4 and a very subtle warm lighter orange-y brown undertone (bronzer applicable tick)

Weighing up the tick’s on my tick scales (they are real thank you)…: the results are in:
and it’s… 3 : 2  for contour!
I personally do like this for use as bronzer most of the time.

For some very pale skin tones, you will need to be extremely light handed with this product.


warning warning. This is a fairly pigmented product.

cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“How do you like to be touched Bahama Mama?”
9“I enjoy a light touch to lePan, a brush on the back of leHand then a gentle dusting to leFace. I’m a sensitive girl. You can make me blotchy if your too heavy handed, but don’t worry, just say sorry and blend me back to happiness with lots of light circular motions.”
cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“Thanks for the advice Bahama Mama.”


A brilliant colour and fine powder to naturally define theFace, whether it’s with your berry lip, or for your smokey eye for those christmas and new years parties, this is a great bronzer for the winter season. yes yes YES.

It’s an eyeshadow too! Yep, I’ve been using this on my eyes too for a naturally defined look with a bold lip! Like many of theBalm’s blushes, it’s good enough for your eyes too!

I love how theBalm’s branding uses real shaped women.



I’ll be posting a makeup look next week using this beastie product & I will talk a little bit more about my personal use with product, so make sure to stay tuned!

Some images of the swatch-ed product below!

26 7 8

cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpgtah dah


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