#1 The Hot Cloth Oil Cleanse Mini Series.

the hot cloth cleanse you need to try / for men & women


I Hot Cloth Oil Cleanse. cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“HI.”

This mini series is going to focus on #1 Why I personally Hot Cloth Oil Cleanse & What With #2 How to Hot Cloth Oil Cleanse #3 & lastly an Ingredients post so YOU, can tailor to your skin needs.

Todays episode is #1 Why & What With. Whilst I half feel that the products I mention should be with the, #2 How to hot Cloth Oil Cleanse post, I also feel that these products aren’t traditional oil cleanse materials, and so thought I would stick them here as they are more personal to me.

 cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“Hi. Again. A quick warning that this post, it’s a long-en.”


Oil cleansing is more commonly known as the Oil Cleanse Method (OCM).
Oil cleansing is for ALL skin types. Thats Oily, Normal, Acne, Sensitive, Dry, Dehydrated.
Oil cleansing is massaging deep into your pores, breaking down the dirt and any sebum build up caught up inside them, and washing it away.
Oil cleansing is natural cleansing, so you don’t need to worry about stripping with harsh chemicals.
Oil cleansing is a Hot Cloth cleanse, using a hot cloth to open those pores, and melt (literally) away all those nasties/impurities.

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I’ve never found a cleanser that I am completely happy with*, so I decided to take the bad boy matters into my own hands, and cleanse in such a way, that I get wellbeing benefits as well as cleansing benefits.
Generally I find products you can buy are over stripping for my dry AND dehydrated skin AND sometimes sensitive skin too.

*The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash (HERE) is a product I like and repurchase, but only to use alongside my OCM. It’s a creamy toothpaste consistency, has lots of oily moisturising ingredients, not to stripping of my skin, it breaks my makeup down, makes me feel clean, has spot fighting Tea Tree, + I felt they put the foamy ingredient in for the right purpose, it only foams a little when you wet it at the end to wash it off, giving enough slip to rinse over your entire face incase you missed a spot.



I call this my benefits (plus an unnecessarily lengthy french title), because the good I get from hot cloth oil cleansing, are comforts and tidbits that are for my personal and wellbeing care.

Yep, the oil cleanse makes me feel the cleanest & squeakiest, like all the naughties hanging about on my skin have been cut through and washed down ye’ olde plug ‘ole.

It feels to me like the underneath of my top skin layer drinks in some lovely oil juice and plumps its self. It feels blooming healthy, dewy and plump (for a few hours at least you cheeky dehydrated dipstick).

cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“MY FACE FEELS LIKE A BABY’S ARSE.”

You can use base oils alongside essential oils either to tailor to your own skins needs eg. Tea Tree, or for aromatherapy purposes. There’s nothing better for me than putting that hot flannel over your face and releasing all those lovely aromas. Breath in and out.

Since starting the OCM. I’ve noticed a huge difference in the redness in my skin. I feel much more able to go without even a thin layer of foundation now. Now I’ve just got to battle with those dark under eyes.

I’ve made this method of cleansing a daily me time. And I really look forward to it. Everyday.

I’ve got my own way to exfoliate using the OCM. Stay tuned for the next episode to find out. ooo what a tease!

cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“The ritualistic aspects of a hot cloth oil cleanse is a time, whether a 1 minute rinse or 15 minute pamper, is a time for me, to treat myself, relax, wind down and to melt those worries & anxieties away. I enjoy the luxurious act of massaging my face with beautiful textures, I enjoy the aromatherapy of using essential oils, and I love a hot cloth steaming over my face to release those scents and open my pores.”

mini series thumb mini series thumb mini series thumb mini series thumb mini series thumb3

I decided to try this one out recently. Carrot oil is meant to be good for dry skin, heard of the Yes To range? It’s not the most luxurious of oils to use, slightly slightly savoury in smell, but its meant to be good for dry skin. Have I seen a difference? Maybe a little tiddle, but honestly I think I will try out a different oil such as avocado for psoriasis (I get little patches occasionally) or go straight back for my MOA (see below) straight after this one is done.

This is coconut oil based. It has antiseptic & healing Yarrow and Tea Tree. This. Stuff. Is. Brilliant. I’m currently trying out the Carrot Oil but I know I will re buy this at some point as it honestly did make a profound difference to my skin. I wasn’t as dull, I wasn’t as dry, I wasn’t as spotty. Lovely.

Olive oil is a good place to start when you just want to give it a go for a week or so, you probably have it in your kitchen so it doesn’t take any effort if you want to give this method a go. It’s where I started and I don’t see myself tuning back.


Badger Balm is Organic Olive Oil based, so brilliant for OCM. I like to use around once a week for a lovely aromatherapy cleanse, this one has lovely orange, lavender, rosemary, it’s so relaxing and refreshing.

Ok ok, so this is actually meant for a sensual night in with your lover. I use it on my face, naturally. But that’s the way thangs role with me. This is the one to use for that aromatherapy self love, for your second cleanse if you’ve any makeup removal to do! Massaging it around is one thing, it’s got a lovely slip to it, but once you get that nice hot cloth on yer face, the citrus-y smells just come to life. This is like a creamy, citrusy, luxuriously creamy, smooth, relaxing aroma. You could use any of the smooth (the ones without bits in) Lush massage bars to do a Hot Cloth cleanse, they are multi-tasking products! I also find this bar to be extra moisturising, it must be the Shea Butter in it. This massage bar has perfume and a few extra ingredients so I’ve sourced a dupe product for this particular massage bar:

Similar in ingredients to From Dusk ‘Til Dawn (see image below). The fragrance is so SO close.. kind of balmy/creamy/nutty with a subtle citrusy hint. Much more convenient packaging too. I’ve used this Badger Balm before so remembered the smell and texture, but it’s going to be a new one for me with the face cleansing, so let’s hope it works.

Remember to check your ingredients out and do your research before buying an oil cleanser. Many have things like Mineral Oil in, which is a brilliant make up cutter through-er, and although this is what baby oil is, I personally find it stripping and almost burning on my face, so eye makeup off-er only for me please. They also have ingredients which mean you can wash the oil off just with water, but remember you aren’t opening those pores without you hot cloth!

My favourites are the MOA the green balm for its healing & moisturising properties + the LUSH from dusk ’til dawn, for its plumping/dewy-skin-a-fying & aromatherapy properties. Finger’s crossed the BADGER cuticle care lives up to my hopes (& dare it say it?) dreams.

mini series thumb mini series thumb mini series thumb mini series thumb mini series thumb

So there you have it, the first episode in the Hot Cloth Oil Cleanse mini series. I hope you’ve not found it too lengthy!

Next week it won’t be as lengthy, promise. It’s #2 Number Two the How to. cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg poof.


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