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cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpgHello Everyone. This is my CHIC friend Levi. levi thumbI met Levi at university and I think she is a GLAM GIRL. I recently found out that she too, has a blog! I decided to do a little post about it, because, well, frankly, YOU NEED TO CHECK IT OUT. (HERE)


macaroons & parisMacaroons (& the Eiffel tower) red lipsRed lips (tempted by the Tanya Burr gloss..) blogger eventand most recently, Blogger Events!

For your beauty fix you need to visit Levi’s blog. She’s just started training to be a makeup artist so, what she says, goes. End of.
If you travel/are interested in travel/(or even not interested, you still have to check it for the pictures!) she gives you a weekly travel fix in Travel Tuesdays, beautiful pictures (see picture below, and the post alongside this amazing image is (HERE)) plus the notes on what she got up to. (Jealous?)
She also posts tips for your wellbeing! One of my favourite parts! It’s important to look after yourself so check out Levi’s Go-To ‘Happy’ list (HERE).
Other bits & bobs you will find are lifestyle & home related! brilliant.

Levi’s blog is fab if you feel like you need a catch up with the girls (and not leave the house), it’s a place go after getting cosy in your comfy PJs with a Hot Choc and magazine. One thing I love is that she posted An Honest Review (HERE) on the Tanya Burr lipglosses. I really felt like I needed an honest review after the launch.. there was so much hype about the range from the big bloggers, you never really know if its too good to be true and Levi’s post brought me straight back down to earth.

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So if you like what you see here, you better get yourself over there now for more (HERE) !!

cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“I’m certainly going to be trying Zoella’s candle (Levi wrote about it in her empties post (HERE)), who else can relate to the frustration of candles not burning down evenly?! I feel like I spend half my life pushing down the wax off the side of the glass whilst the candles burning, with a knife, without pushing too much wax down, that it ends up drowning the flame.. sounds long & tiresome? It is.. So Zoella’s candle sounds a treat!”

thumb lovely lady levi jade thumb lovely lady levi jade thumb lovely lady levi jade thumb lovely lady levi jade thumb lovely lady levi jade

 All images are off Levi’s blog! Thanks Levi for letting me snap away for this post!


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