The Sachet Beauty: BENEFIT They’re Real Push Up Liner

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Today is the BENEFIT They’re Real Push Up Liner.

The Sachet Beauty. La Beaute De Sachet. A miniscule beauty review. A test on the tester size testers. A little experiment. Le petit test.


cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“I love a sample size beauty product! The packaging is just so sweet and lovely and collectable. But to make sure I don’t end up using more space in tester sizes than I would if I actually bought some of these products in actual size then I’ve decided to actually test the dinky tinkers and let you know what I think!” ding ding.


You’ve probably heard of the Benefit they’re real Push Up Liner. I have too, it’s has been about the beauty blog land since it came out, I wasn’t actually drawn to it as a product so haven’t gone into looking for blogger reviews, but I have heard some disappointment in the product, so I wasn’t expecting too much from this little cute-y.

Wow, I’m being a bit careful with this product as I’m trying to squeeze it out the nib. Satisfying to squeeze and work it out, but I don’t want to waste any product! cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“ah finally, the little cripper is out, first up, to  test on the back of my hand.. seems nice and smooth, dries fairly quickly

I’m not an everyday bold liner type of girl, but I do know that when I want it, I can achieve it fairly easily, and I did struggle with the application of this. I add a little bit at a time to get it right, and this product I think is more for those that like to do it in one sweep. Maybe I just need a little tinker bit more practice at this applicator.

I like the packaging, it’s comfortable and I love the squeezy nib, the only thing about the packaging is know when it is going to run out!


quick drying , matt, fairly dry and tight. I had dry smidgens fall out during the application and through-out the day I noticed more black speckles over my face, this is not what I want from a liner, I want to look clean and freshly applied all day. And honestly, I don’t really like touch ups so the less maintenance the better for me!

I think there is a little bit of irony in the product, the applicator to me comes across as something you are meant to do in one sexy sweep, but its sold as lash hugging. Although the tip is thin enough to push right in there, its difficult to really work the product into the lashline without a brush. I’m wondering if using the applicator for the top line to be clean, and then taking some of the product on a small liner brush to work into the lashes would be a better way of working with this product.

Elle magazine, where I got the baby liner, throws out the stat that it became the best selling liner within two weeks of its launch. Hmm. Well, I wouldn’t really say that means its good, I mean there was clearly some good marketing going on to get people to buy this and fast. If this product was best selling liner of a year, then I wouldn’t feel like they are trying to throw any statistic at you to impress you, when theres not really much evidence to it! Remember to be savvy in your thinking girlies when spending your hard earned cash on products!

Benefit is the friendly, premium, accessible brand according to Elle. Which is what it is. I like benefit, they’re a bit quirky, I’ve liked most the products I have had from them. I’m not so sure about the bling brow they have just launched though…

thumb benefit liner thumb benefit liner thumb benefit liner thumb benefit liner thumb benefit liner

cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpgHI THERE! ME AGAIN! Bet you’re glad to see my lovely face!
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