The Sachet Beauty: WEI Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask

a little review, mud mask, & sachet size 


The Sachet Beauty. La Beaute De Sachet. A miniscule beauty review. A test on the tester size testers. A little experiment. Le petit test.

cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“I love a sample size beauty product! The packaging is just so sweet and lovely and collectable. But to make sure I don’t end up using more space in tester sizes than I would if I actually bought some of these products in actual size then I’ve decided to actually test the dinky tinkers and let you know what I think!” ding ding.

So today, a tester review of the WEI Golden Root purifying mud mask. (HERE)

I had not heard of this little beastie until it was sent inside a lovely online order I made for myself one day.  A lovely sturdy little pack with enough product in for more than one use (in my opinion) which I enjoyed admiring for a few weeks. Then I decided to try it out:
First things first, open it up..cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“wow, this is a little stinker, it smells like chemicals and strong berry perfume.” Honestly I was a little put off by this, my first impressions of the mask packaging and brand fonts (I hadn’t done any research prior to this) was that it was quiet a natural ingredients brand, with the name WEI and golden root, plus mud in its product title. Anyway, people to see, things to do, time is running out my little face, so we need to sort you out ASAP. Applies mask to face. Brown in colour, thin and smooth but with a jelly like bounce in consistency. Leaves for two minutes. b an w Emily 6 flip circle“that smell is really getting up my little sensitive snout.” Leaves for a few more minutes. Rinses off with warm water. POW.


Am I feeling purified ladies and gents? UM, maybe a little bit burny, red and sore instead.. So the mask didn’t seem to fab for me personally. But I did use the rest of this up, more of a quick cleanse though.. MASSAGE INTO WET SKIN AND RINSE OFF JOB.
the results? skin that does feel a little softer and silky, it feels clean, but I just don’t think I’ve got the right skin. I reckon this is more for the more oily side of the world and I think you have to have good skin for this product already.

thumb beauty sachet WEI mud maskthumb beauty sachet WEI mud maskthumb beauty sachet WEI mud maskthumb beauty sachet WEI mud maskthumb beauty sachet WEI mud maskthumb beauty sachet WEI mud maskthumb beauty sachet WEI mud mask

…a little while later… & …poof…a little RESEARCH happened… all for my lovely readers too!

So you can buy this product in packs of eight. and yes, they all come in the cute size. It is a whopping £31 for these. I don’t think its worth it for me. BUT give it a go if you have good skin and just fancy a little clean. All the product really claims is a clean, which it does. It does suggest a pick me up, but I think because of my skin sensitivity, it would never get to that level with me.

I guess when I read the word purify, I expect a little bit more than just a skin deep clean, I think the word purifying just sounds a little more extravagant than it is. To purify, to removed the unwanted, to extract something leaving us with something pure. In skin terms, thats just a clean right? leaving pure skin? My skin felt clean after using this, but thats it. It’s not an IMPURITY removing product so. Again, if you only have good skin only please.

So WEI. I actually quite like you. You know, fancy going for a drink sometime? I think yaow sexy and I’m attracted to you. Woody, Musky and Textured. Yes please. Luxury brand and steeped in traditional chinese beliefs. I feel like you’re the boyfriend that you know is bad, but you still feel attracted too, you naughty nipper.


bam bam beeni. Hope you liked this style of post! Give us a like-y like if you’d like to see more!

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