Dandy Topsy Duos: Foundation

Luminous, Flawless & Luxe Linguistics. 


Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in 52 & 123 perfect CC cream in 32. and a fig and a banana.

I SUFFER WITH DRY SKIN; today’s enchanting first line, appetising, I know.

Anyway, the Healthy Mix Serum foundation from Bourjois is famous in beauty land. I must admit, I really struggle to let myself try high street foundations, but I do let myself into the Bourjois brand and other blogger raved products. The thing about Bourjois, I like their colours, in nail varnishes, blushes (particularly the cremes) and the new matt lip colours. Going off tangent a little here..

So anyway. I have dry skin.
Lisa Eldridge recommendations is what brings me to both the Healthy Mix and the CC cream, plus the fact Bourjois and Chanel cosmetics are owned by the same people. Being honest, the Healthy Mix Serum, although for dryer skin types, makes me more aware of it. It is one of the best I have tried for my dry skin however, it doesn’t tighten my skin and I don’t think it makes it worse, it’s just not quite enough. The CC on the other hand, probably because it is marketted as a CC cream, is a little more protective on my skin and I absolutely love the luminosity it gives (sorry fruit therapy but it just not enough in the healthy mix), and although it doesn’t moisturise it certantly does not dry my skin out anymore than it already is. The dilemna..? It just doesn’t set.. unfortunately because of its CC cream name tag?

So imagine me cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg HELLO. sitting here getting the last squeezes out of my Bourjois CC. “ahh, I am so pleased to have finished this whole tube of makeup up. Hmm.. this formula is fab, its just a shame it doesn’t set. Plus this colour is defintly too dark now its not summertime, and the next colour down is way to light, almost white with a pinky undertone by the looks of it.. what am I going to do?” DING DONG “ah pat on the back to myself. I know, I will purchase Healthy Mix Serum in 52, a little too light for me right now, and I will repurchase 123 perfect CC cream in 32, mix the two together.. and WHALLA cha cha ching dong.”

It retains some luminosity of the CC. It sets like the Healthy Mix. And It’s my perfect colour right now. When my skin gets lighter? I’m not sure, maybe I’ll just have to find a protective primer for winter.

Anyway.. I’ll let you know how I get on. Do you guys have a perfect foundation or Dandy Topsy Duo?



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