a cosy pair

a vanilla scented candle & some chunky booty socks


Despite it feeling like a mild summers day the last two days, it is getting chilly willy’s as soon as the sun says ‘nighty night night‘ and the moon says ‘howdy ho mi lovers‘. The Autumn leaves are smelling like sweet decay and I’m still going to enjoy a chilli hot chocolate (or two) in the evenings.

I don’t care that it was sunny today, that my toes were calling from the depths wishing to be plodding flatly and lazily in my birk-ees. I am still indulging in lighting my lovely

later on, and I’m also going to enjoy some hot nuts, honey and black pepper with a decaf coffee. And my toes will thank me for this, after being claustrophobically stuffed into two pairs of socks and wellingtons for the day, and thats after yesterday, becoming sore and burning from their not-so-favourite heeled boots… They can have a relaxing pamper and enjoy these lovely new

which are intended for the cold winter weather, but theres nothing like new chunky socks. So I am going to indulge early cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpgthank-you cosy pair.”


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