#FlawlessFriday : White Beauty

white highlights, glimpses & lovely fluffy dust  SEO_beauty_blog_white_beauty_paul_and_joe_china_glaze I never thought I would say this. But I think I’ve been converted to pale coloured makeup. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been a fan of nude and natural looks. I’ve just never embraced the colour white (especially in Autumn, what is going on?). I’ve always worn dark colourful eye shadows, and this week, I was browsing through the dark colours purples.. blues.. I own, I shocked myself, thought I would never go off them, I used to love applying them, but I sat there thinking, what am I going to do with these!? I’m sure I will use them eventually.. it’s just a pale phase at the moment… trying to convince myself.. But I must admit, I’m also absolutely loving these whites. I’m using brown and black for my definition… Not the purples and the blues I used to go with… Is this an end of an era for me in makeup…? PAUL & JOE POWDER in SECRET D’OR 001 I’ve been getting a lot more use out of this than I expected I would. I’ve been using this as a highlight, works beautifully with bronzer and contour, goes well with any eye or lip look. An eye shadow base, for some added glow or just for natural days. Plus an accent shade to make my eye lid pop, fab for neutral looks. I am just absolutely enjoying and relishing in the loveliness of this shade right now! Plus the smell of Paul & Joe is divine, its fabulous and fresh. CHINA GLAZE in LUXE & LUSH 1132 Natural nails are my favourites at the moment. Sometimes when I want a little glimmer to my look, but not a full on block colour, I go just for glitter. This is glitter but better. It’s ripped up pieces of translucent white shiny-ness which had golden, green and peachy hues in different light. Large glitter. I like it. Just naturally adding a bit of LOVELY FLUFFY DUST to my life. now, If father christmas would like to treat me to some more lovely makeup beasties like these, then I will be a very happy emily. (Some new socks and jumpers too please). 2


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