Leibster Award: the good vs. the bad

It seems like a ridiculously long time ago that I was nominated by two lovely bloggers Nik (HERE) and Colour Me Peach (ah I can’t find you! have you stopped blogging?) for the leibster award. I am so grateful that my blog has been recognised by other bloggers. Sometimes its hard to know how your stuff is going down with the crowd. SEO_LiebsterAward_esrscreatives When there’s not much feedback coming straight back at you it’s hard to know,,, cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpgam I just talking fluff out of my ar*e here people? do you enjoy what I’m putting out there?” These are questions I am honestly asking myself daily as I am writing my blog, and thank-you to Nik and Peach for nominating me, it honestly makes me feel like I am not popping out tiddlewinkles into this relatively new on going (and who knows where to) project? apologies at this point for this lengthy number… DOWN TO BUISNESS ok, so at first I was a bit confused to what the leibster award was about. You are nominated by a fellow blogger, you then have to nominate many bloggers. (Google is your friend here if you haven’t heard of/know about the Leibster award.) I need to be honest here, the fact it is like a ginormous chain letter got my hackles up. cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpgWOLY MOLY am I going to see a ghost tonight at 12 o’clock if I don’t reply to this? Is my worst nightmare going to come and TRACK ME DOWN whilst I sleep peacefully in my warm bed? Is a huge boulder going to fall out of the sky, flatten and squish an innocent child if I ignore this?” No it isn’t Emily. Don’t be ridiculous, chain letters are not real you silly bum. NEGATIVE FEELINGS You can see why initially, I was put off by this whole idea, it’s just another chain letter, I thought to myself.. cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpgHow am I going to respond to this?” Two bloggers have taken their time out to find and read my blog, enjoyed it, and nominated me. Inside, I know that the Leibster award is positive, I just have this initial reaction to chain letters, let’s face it, I WAS SCARED when I was younger of the content in chain letters, despite seeming pretty ridiculous now. It wasn’t real and it was ridiculous. And this blogging chain letter is something which seems to be a pretty positive one (for once). I’ve realised its hard to compete with the top notch blogs. Blogging takes A LOT of time, surprisingly, if you want your blog to be what you want it to be. It also takes a little monetary investment if you want to set up and look professional. And so, the Leibster award is just other bloggers, who have just started out, helping and supporting each other, to create awareness and recognise a good thing. EVENTUALLY I have come round to responding to my initial nominators (thank-you again). I have actually really enjoyed writing this post, even though I have been putting it off as I felt I didn’t know what to say. But as you can see, its becoming quite lengthy, every word now, is just making this baby longer and longer, and its just free flowing out through the fingertipple tip tips of my fingers… I’m still trying to decide how to respond to this award, although I realise this, at least I think, is becoming my response. I am googling other’s opinion is on the Liebster award, and trying to think of other ways of being supportive of new blogs. I was always the one who did things differently and I don’t like following the crowd, so I guess I feel that feeding the chain is just not something I would do. It’s just not Emily. As you can see I am leaning more towards breaking the chain, and I feel uptight and negative about this. FINALLY But isn’t this just what a chain letter is about..? If you don’t send it on to 10x more people, then something bad will happen. The leibster award initially sounds like a positive thing, but actually it is making me question what will happen if I don’t continue with it, there’s just not your ‘by twelve o’clock!?’ time limit to put the pressure on. Are other bloggers going to think I’m a bad blogger? cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“Are my nominators going to be offended? Is my blog going to fail, and never succeed?” Well the answer to these is that I’m sure my blog will become what I put into it. Really, it doesn’t matter if you don’t participate, and people will probably respect you more for having your own opinion whether it good or bad. My name is Emily, and I like to be different.

I’d just like to plug my nominators a little as I really am thankful for their recognition. (See even the word nominators sounds like something from Dr.Who! I have a right to be wary of this thing!) NIK (HERE) nik jamesI actually followed Nik’s blog before he nominated me for the Leibster award, so I was really pleased to see someone I respected and enjoyed in blogging land, could see something in my blog too! Head over to Nik Jamess for your Fashion and Lifestyle fix topped off with clean, crisp photos. Lately I’ve been loving his stop offs for food and drink plus an alternate take on the Autumn blog post with a playlist to get you in the mood!

COLOUR ME PEACH Unfortunately, I can no longer find the link to her blog, but I have e-mailed her so hopefully she will respond shortly! Colour Me Peach’s blog was initiated from the love of Bare Minerals makeup, but then after researching online for reviews and not being lucky, she decided to start a blog dedicated to the products. I myself also use Bare Minerals and reviews online are hard to find, but I’m guessing they don’t invest PR money in bloggers so they just don’t get much attention in the blogging world which is a shame!


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