Bulletin. Autumntime. Vol.2 : An Anise Bedtime

RELAX with this anise spiced drink before bed.

anise bed time

THE ‘TRO. It’s that time of year to get the heating on, socks on, and your comfy foods on.
This Bulletin. Autumntime. Vol.2 series is going to get you mix and matching some simple, yet EXTREMELY SATISFYINGLY SENSUAL treats to tingle your taste buds and warm you up in the evenings of crunchy cold air, chilly willies, plus hungry tums & bums.

Check out the last two bulletin posts if you missed them! Proper chilli hot chocolate earlier in the week, check it out (HERE) & hot. sweet. black peppered pecans (HERE)

Round No3. A super simple quick and effective one for sleeping! All you need is milk (ESRScreatives likes an alternative like an almond or rice drink) and star anise!

cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“Star Anise is a must spice for me, I use it A LOT in cooking, then the other week I was really tired, but not ready for sleep and I decided to try out this calming gem. I love stepping outside the norm of lavender and limeflower. This is subtly spiced, sweet and a sexier way to drink the extremely un-sexy (I’ve been trying to avoid this phrase for this post but, it’s just got to be said now, its time!..) hot milky (there. it’ s done.) recipes…”

SLEEP the ‘down.
on MILK: I am using a non-milk drink for my recipes, that’s just because I don’t like milk. I still feel relaxed drinking a milk alternative before bed though. Anyway some benefits of drinking (real) milk (HERE) from Moo Fresh.
on ANISE: It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-oxidant properties. the POW the POW the POW. It’s also rich in skikimic acid, which fights things off like flu. (source HERE).
on NUTMEG: Nutmeg has a high level of magnesium, and magnesium reduces that naughty nerve tension, so good for if your stress if high before sleepy time. (source HERE).

This is how you do it:

ADDITIONAL NOTES on this dreamy velvet drink.
#1 SOY/RICE/OAT/ALMOND ALTERNATIVE again, like in my Chilli Hot Chocolate (HERE) For hot milk recipes, I would strongly recommend using an alternative to milk. This way you can properly heat it up so its hot and simmering. Miss out that horrible tangy way milk goes after that certain point.. you know what I’m talking about.. I think a nut/rice drink makes this taste lovely-er anyhow!
Yep you can microwave this instead of hobbing-it if you wish. 

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COMING UP (next week)choco thumb autumnChoccy Choc Choc Choc.

 anise sleep bed time


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