Info – Tokens + FREE autumn printables

archaeological drawings, tasty treats & my favourite FREE autumn printables. info-tokens cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpgHello. Lovely to see you everyone. Apologies that today’s Info-Token’s is a day late! I have been busy working on some archaeological drawings (check me out) and I have unfortunately not been able to fit everything in! As  you can see this weeks Coming Up (HERE) is slightly less busy than the last.  Anyhow I have been munching away on these hot hunks of a treat (HERE) all week and weekend, I just can’t get enough, Nut Overload anyone? I’ve done a little browsing and here are three free Autumnal printables that I have found for you (I think the Leaf Suncatchers are such a good idea, this is for kids, but, don’t mind if I do.”

patterns#1Four Fall Patterns (HERE), you can print, design, DIY, anything and everything with these lovelies from Miss Mandee. suncatcher#2 Leaf Suncatcher (HERE) from Asia @ Fun At Home With Kids. garland#3 and lastly, you can’t have too much of a good thing from Jesicca @ Classic Play (HERE)


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