Bulletin. Autumntime. Vol.2 : Hot. Sweet. Black Peppered Pecans.

WARM IT UP with these Hot. Sweet. Black Peppered Pecans. So good.

devour me with

It’s that time of year to get the heating on, socks on, and your comfy foods on.
This Bulletin. Autumntime. Vol.2 series is going to get you mix and matching some simple, yet EXTREMELY SATISFYINGLY SENSUAL treats to tingle your taste buds and warm you up in the evenings of crunchy cold air, chilly willies, plus hungry tums & bums.

If you missed the dauntingly divine proper chilli hot chocolate earlier in the week, check it out (HERE)

Round No2. Serving up some hot stuff at your fingertips. Toasted Pecans. Running hot honey, and star of the show, Black Pepper. This tastes absolutely delicious with a bitter coffee. Late morning treat or naughty delight in the dark. This tastes so good, feels so bad, but is actually fairly healthy. With the mono-unsaturate fats coming in at 45% of these nuts, you just can’t get enough!

Trust me on the black pepper here too. These honey and nuts really do need that dry kick up the bum to set them buzzing in your mouth.

cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“I really really love using black pepper as a flavour to dishes, not just as seasoning. I’ve got a fabulish sweet potato, caramalised garlic and black pepper gnocchi plate I make this time of year and the black pepper really makes it something. A really good way to add a dry heat to dishes.”

This is how you do it: SEO_sweet_black_peppered_pecan_nuts_healthy_treats_autumn_fall

ADDITIONAL NOTES on this luxury beast.
#1 PAN TOAST IT You don’t have to have a microwave for this recipe. But if you’ve got a microwave at work, then this might be for you! If you want to toast your nuts in a pan, just stick them in, no oil, low heat, keep them moving and keep an eye on them as they can suddenly turn! You can also heat your honey in a small pan to, just keep an eye on it again. Remember its really hot so let it cool a little before you dive in!
#2 MICROWAVE When you microwave your nuts, they don’t toast on the outside, they toast inside out, so remember to break your nuts in half to test whether or not they are toasted. 

This is so so tasty, try it and tweet me a pic! (HERE)


COMING UP (next week)thumb aniseLove Marzipan? A sleep easy, bedtime drink.

 Pecan Mug Birds Eye



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