Autumn / Fall TreeHus moodboard 14

spiced drinks, wraps, scarfs & nuts


oh, I wish, I wish I was staying in a lovely warm treehouse up high in some turning red and orange trees, with a balcony bath, chai tea and thick fluffy rugs between my toes.

..I’m allowed to wish!

My Autumn / Fall moodboard of ’14 consists of a couple of photos, a Pinterest board (HERE (image below)) and an Etsy Treasury list. Plus a new Bulletin series coming up from next week!
The Emily’s life category that this post fits into is: LIFESTYLE & SEASONS


Although we are basking in an Indian summer here in the UK, I’m still enjoying soaking in those lovely warm colours, spiced drinks, and being able to wrap my self up in layers, and all of this lovely Autumnal stuff, is being enjoyed whilst still wearing my Birkenstocks. Autumnal toes and head wraps. All very sexy as you can imagine.

I love wrapping up. As 60s fashion is popping back into trend, as mentioned above, I may even attempt at wrapping my head with my lovely autumnal purple, plum, scarf. I’m enjoying this way (HERE).

Yes, it’s back! after a summer without, I am finally able to indulge in the evenings.

HOT DRINKS (specifically the SPICY kind)
Need I say more?
(Check out my announcement below. ESRScreatives second Bulletin series, coming to Autumn with a hedgehog p.s it features those lovely spiced drinks we all love, in the ESRS way of ways.)

Wrapping up with your coffee (/spiced drink) over the weekends and just sinking into another world.

Who doesn’t love layering up the socks in your booties and warming your treasured toes in the evening with a good old pair of socks?


Bulletin: Autumntime vol.2: ESRScreatives is pleased to announce that the Bulletin series is back for Autumn. Very excited about whats in store for you, my readers! A series of how to:’s SPICED HOT DRINKS and TUMMY WARMING TIDBITS will be coming to you as of next week! I’m so excited to bring some lovely images, ideas and words to you for this crunchy, colourful and, you know, I think this is my favourite season!

cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“What are your favourite Autumn things and why? Tweet me (HERE) or comment below!”

I’m a fan of Andrea Lauren’s work, she make stamps, prints and then turns it all into wonderful fabric patterns. Here she’s gone Autumnal (HERE) and I’m loving the end result, plus other seasonal goodies, which you can view in her shop (HERE)!

My Etsy Autumn list: things you can BUY yes (HERE)

Screen shot 2014-10-02 at 10.41.25

A few of my Etsy picks

And finally, if you’re a Pinterest person like me, check out my lovely Autumnal board (HERE) for some extended visuals beyond this post. I will continue to pin onto this board up until mid Nov! cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpgpstt.. check out those monster s’mores! 

Screen shot 2014-10-02 at 10.57.42


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