#FlawlessFriday: ESRS Beauty Item: Autumnal Red Lip

Autumn look. the Red Lip. 


cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“Despite looking incredibly like my scary passport photo in the above image. I actually really like this look. I would normally wear very little with a Red Lip. But this look adds some sexy definition. After not wearing a Red Lip during summer, as it just feels too dark! It’s nice to be back, and I like to keep it warm and bronzed for Autumn!”


from the autumn colour mapping post

This Red Lip is one of my Autumn looks I have been wearing, I colour-mapped this look, you can see the post about this (HERE).

For this look I have added some metallic touches around my eyes to make it a little bit Autumnal.

Achieving this look:

#1 Define Naturally Contour and Highlight your face. Use your contour/bronze shade for your eyes and your highlight too.
#2 Elongated Eyes Add darker definition to the outside edge of your lashline and the inner length of your  lashline. I’ve used a dark brown shadow and then a black liner really into the roots of lashes.
#3 Mascara Keeping with the elongated theme. I have applied as little mascara as possible to the middle section of my eyelashes, and placed most of it on the inner section and outside section. Work it into those roots!
#4 the Red Lip Matt is really bold and fresh. Define your lips and make them full!

Red Lip


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