Portfolio: Succulents for ESRScreatives


cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“Hello Everybody. Nice to see you again. How is everybody? Say Hello to me, I am feeling lonely over here at ESRScreative HQ! I want to know more about my readers, what are you up to right now?
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Today, I thought I would show you my Succulents illustration I created for this blog. I hope you like it!”

cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“Here is a picture of the original pencil drawing:”


b an w Emily 6 flip circle“The first thing I did was to turn the whole thing black and white:”

b and w

cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“Next thing was to add my colours, these are the colours I ended up using:”

colour 1  colour 2 colour 3 colour 4 colour 6 colour 7 colour 8 colour 9 colour 5 colour 12

cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“Maybe you will recognise some of the colours being used on the home page!”

b an w Emily 6 flip circle“I wanted something modern, fresh and bright. Versatility was a priority! I didn’t want to feel held down by the colour scheme, so I needed to create something with enough versatility, that I could add other colours during season changes (and mood changes) etc. For example, you may notice some purples and plums now it is Autumn.

I’ve achieved fresh, bright and versatile with contrasting blues and pinks. The main colours being blue, pink and yellow however I’ve given a sense of multi-colour by turning blues into almost greens, pinks into corals peaches and almost oranges and reds. This multi-colour-but-only-almost has given me the versatility I wanted. 

A colour scheme I wouldn’t normally create, bright, fresh and modern, and I must say I am super duper pleased with the turnout of this.”

cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“Lets take a look at some of the individual succulents, before and after”:

b and w yellow

 b and w blue white

b an w Emily 6 flip circle“Some are more detailed”

b and wpink 2pink 3pink 4pink detail

b an w Emily 6 flip circle“I am really liking my geometrics at the moment, so had to get some of those in there too!”

b and w hex 2 hex 1 hex final

cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“And so, eventually I ended up with Succulents. Have a nice evening!”


colour 12 colour 8 colour 1 colour 2 colour 4

©ESRS ESRScreatives succulent geometric illustration


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