ESRS Beauty Post: a/w trend ’14

Metallic Lips a/w ’14 trend. Achieve this look by being resourceful. (No spending on something you will only wear once!)


I am going to suggest something you might consider a little interesting. You can achieve an A/W ’14 Metallic Lips look without buying a metallic lip product. Bear with me here. As you can see in the image above ^ I am sporting, check me out, a metallic lip, featuring suitable Autumn shades currently on trend.

Here’s some inspiration from Harpers Bazaar and Vogue:

Screen shot 2014-09-23 at 17.02.54  Screen shot 2014-09-23 at 17.03.04
Screen shot 2014-09-23 at 17.03.14

Ok. You want to achieve this look? Yes. Good. But, you don’t want to go and splurge your hard earned cash on a metallic lip product you don’t know you will use? Yes. Good.

cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg “I am proposing for you to use a CREAM EYESHADOW on your lips, one you already have.”

I reckon if you are reading this. You probably read beauty blogs and potentially searched for this post. And, I reckon, you probably already have a neutral, nude, peachy, pink, cream eyeshadow, that has a golden or silver metallic-ness in it.
If not, then I think it worth you investing in something that can multi-task. A cream eyeshadow thats a good neutral colour you can wear with other eyeshadows as a base, and one which the colour is versatile, one that could double up as a nude lip colour. This, is instead of opting for a brand spanking new thing, you may only wear once.

You will need: Dark lipstick. Lip Balm. Cream shadow.

3 blistex relief cream Red my Lips3 blistex relief cream

TIPS for achieving this look.
#1 NEUTRAL COLOUR As mentioned above, a nude colour you can wear on eyes and lips here is essential for you to get most out of your product.
#2 LIP BALM Cream eyeshadows, even though they are cream formula, are brilliantly drying on your lips. So make sure you apply lots of balm (I would really reccomend one with the ingredient Lanolin in, very very moisturising, soaks in well work well with dryer products), before and previous to any top up applications.
#3 BERRY LIP FIRST Apply your Autumn Berry lipstick colour (which you probably already have from last year..), one thin layer onto you lip-pies.
#4 METALLICS A GO-GO Ok, so now go ahead, and pat that metallic colour over your berry lip. Try placing it in the centre first, then pat outwards to blend it together.
#5 Pair with a NEUTRAL EYE Use taupe matt shades just to give some good definition to the eye. Then add some metallic hints after. I have placed a metallic berry central of my upper lash line, and a golden in the corner of my eye.

For myself, I have used the colour Red My Lips in Soap & Glory’s Super Colour Fabu Lipstick. Plus the pink one (I know, technical..) from the Bourjois’ cream eyeshadow collection they released last christmas.

thumb beauty item thumb beauty item thumb

And heres a couple of other eye products I have always used for my lip-pies:
Eye Shadow Pencils (This is the Peach shadow pen from Pixi.) Are good because you can apply them like a lip liner or lipstick.
Moisturising Concealers (Pixi Eye Bright Kit.) This palette is for brightening and concealing your under eye area, its very sheer, natural and dewy and lovely, has lots of oils in the ingredients. Good for nude-ing out your lips. Plus its got a natural highlighter, so you can go a sheer metallic if you want.




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