#FlawlessFriday: ESRS Beauty Item: Autumn Brightener

Autumn look. Daily Brightener. 5 minute look.


If you’ve been keeping up to date with ESRScreatives posts, then you would have seen my Colour Mapping post on Tuesday (HERE (for those naughty followers amongst you)). It’s the ESRS way of deciding which colours I put on my face, and if they sit well together. Very. Important.
So as it’s Autumn (is it Autumn now or soon?), and my colour mapping was for some Autumn face colour combinations, the ESRS beauty item posts, are going to show you how these translate from paper to face.. #1 is a daily, quick and easy brightening look, I’ve added in a metallic lip to be, on trend, check me out. This one is silvery. as you can probably see in above picture.


from the autumn colour mapping post


cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg “This literally took me five minutes to put together this morning. Ok, so it probably won’t last you into the evening because of this, but you probably wouldn’t want this particular look for evenings. It’s super easy to take off with NO mascara, so, super easy to change later on. 

Ok so lets look at how I achieved this super quick.

#1 Foundation light layer. just over the bits you need to even you out. (cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“When I did this this morning, I just used foundation for my under eyes to be quick, because I take loads of time on my under eye area normally! ..but for the picture I did add some under eyes!”)
#2 Bright Cheeks cream blushes are most for that ‘natural glow from within’ look. Here I’ve used orange as a brightener.
#3 Highlight a cream highlight for dewy and natural.
#4 Lips Metallic lips for this look. I actually used a cream eyeshadow, lots of lip balm before and before any top-up applications as cream shadows are very drying. Yes I know cream eyeshadow on your lips..? this is esrsCREATIVES. so get creative and resourceful with what you’ve got.
#5 Eyes add natural definition to the eyes. I’ve patted a little of the cream shadow n the centre of my eyelid, added my crease with a warm taupe, dabbed a little cream peach on my upper lash line, then curled my lashes.


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