Colour Mapping: Autumn ’14.

How to: choose the colours you wear on your face. ESRScreatives Colour Mapping.


It’s time to get your Plummy shades out for your face. It’s ESRScreatives favourite season for colours. We can start wearing those lovely deep shades and start to wrap up warm.

With colour mapping, you can keep track of the looks you’ve loved wearing, or experiment and remember new looks if your stuck in an every-day-the-same rut. Keep a Day Time Brightener (always handy for those tired days) using colours you know light up you face. And keep a few you can amp up for night, or wear more professionally for throughout the day. Start collecting your best looks and create a mini library for what suits you.

Get creative with those colours and express yourself.

cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpgEmily Says: “This is the way I plan which colours I am going to wear on my face, you can never go wrong if you look at how they all work together first on your hand or paper. Have a play, and get creative! I like to have a few ‘favourite’ looks on the go at once, and its super easy to remember and not stress about how your makeup is going to go if they are staring right at you on paper. If I’m in a rush off somewhere.. like now.. then its super handy!”

Favourite colours currently being worn:


Try swatching colours on you hand first to get a feel of your skin tone and the colours you are using, then if its a look you want to keep, get it down on the pad so you don’t forget it! This is also a good way to do things when your buying your colours too! Instead of just swatching one colour, add one or too similar to some you already own, or add in the other colour you are planning to buy as well to see how they sit.

#1 Choose your main Focus colour you want to work with. i.e your Lipstick, Eyeshadow or Face Colour.
#2 Work out the rest. Hold your shadows and pans next to your swatch to see how the look together. Add to the page when you’ve made some decisions. and continue the holding and adding pattern until you’ve got you eyes, cheeks and lips on there.
#3 Apply. To your face. This is wear you can decide on the overall feel of the look i.eheavy eyes/natural eyes, strong cheek bones/flush of colour on the apples. Then you can:
#4 Add notes such as the colour name/brand name to your colour swatch, words and descriptive bits elsewhere to help you remember the feel of the look.

Hopefully you’ve found this an interesting read and helpful too. So this is how its done over at ESRScreatives. The next couple of Beauty Item posts will recreate these looks so you can see how they look in real life. So watch out for those if your a beauty person !



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