this week: Easy-Fast DIYs (ESRS recommended)

rock magnets, painted stones & your washi tape fix

SEO_diy_how_to_rock_magnets_geometric_design SEO_rock_magnets_how_tooooh.. Admiring these handsome, geometric, modern painted stone magnets from Alisa Burke (HERE). Painted stones, they can be modern too! SEO_2_geometric_painted_stones_quick_diy_how_to_modern_updateA second updated version are these simple beauties by Rachael from Love From Ginger (HERE). Gold & pastel theme anyone..?  SEO_3_easy_diy_how_to_washi_tape_keyboardFinally your washi tape fix! My keyboard is definitely looking a little.. how do you put it.. Well Loved. So I think adding a few washi tape keys is going to give my keys that little re-energised-new (#ESRSterms) that they need. these ones from brit + co (HERE)cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpgEmily says: “IS IT JUST ME, OR CAN YOU BUY WOODEN KEYS FOR YOUR KEYBOARD? I WOULD LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM. IN A DARK RICH WOOD. YES.” (psst..Mr.Christmas I am looking at you..)SEO_washi_tape_paper_clip_markers_bookmark_diyooo two washi tape fixes this week BONUS. These markers are such a great idea, these moveable babies are super useful! source (HERE).

SEO_rock_magnets_how_to SEO_washi_tape_paper_clip_markers_bookmark_diy  SEO_diy_how_to_rock_magnets_geometric_design SEO_2_geometric_painted_stones_quick_diy_how_to_modern_update SEO_3_easy_diy_how_to_washi_tape_keyboard 


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