Portfolio: Red Dot

“I’ve popped my RED DOT cherry, have you?”


Another creation by ESRS for the Latin Lounge, same as in the previous Portfolio post, the Latin Lounge island, Scan Mountain & Look-Out Tower. the Latin Lounge is a social dance events group.
This time, the material was needed for a social media campaign for a party night instead of regular weekly nights. The material I created was used through social media, it also printed nicely to create flyers, flyer boxes and party favours for the guests!

clear PP clear PP clear PP clear PP clear PP

The name Red Dot Parties came about from the name of the original venue, the Red Dot Bar. the Latin Lounge decided to adopt the name for their party nights at which ever venue they continue to end up and it has been a very popular night to attend (partly because of ESRScreatives brilliant branding too I’m sure).

flyer for FB

Sexy, Simple and Versatile. It’s what I wanted to create.

I decided a Pop-Art themed brand would be strong, simple and effective for Red Dot parties. By using strong, simple image outlines, colour themes can be changed seasonally and regularly (which I love to do) without loosing the brand image and message.

Making it sexy, makes it sell. Using quirky lines about popping your RED DOT cherry is a little bit naughty and clever at the same time.

cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpgEmily Says: “I wanted to create something a little cheeky and sexy. Very me. I’m so pleased with the look of this material, and it was (and I am sure will continue to be) a success! I can’t wait to start creating more Red Dot material, I’m thinking some christmas-time bits and pieces will be next.”

Mini-Ads were made to give social media posts that extra something. All within the branding of course. Featuring Red-Dot and Dotty as the main characters!

I hope you’ve enjoyed having a browse through my work!

once you popmystery guest



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