Coming Up on ESRScreatives

A wedding week, An ‘I’ve found a new tea’ week and a Loving Colours week.

sep week 2 Situation. thumb teepee circle thumb colour circle thumb

Be sure to check out tomorrow’s SITUATION post to find out about my, being a Summer into Autumn wedding guest. PLUS the new tea I am adoring. Here’s the rest of what’s coming up on ESRScreatives this week:

Monday: TODAY
SITUATION?: WHAT’S THE: Situation? An Emily’s Life Category, weekly update. What’s the Situation? Including a weekly Link Emily has been clicking. Plus other Emily’s Life Info-Tokens.

POTFOLIO: A look (inside) Emily’s creative work, from Emily, from the creative mind. This week: POP ART inspired marketing.

COLOUR: THE PAST WEEK IN: Colour. This week features: SUMMER into AUTUMN.

SUNDAY PINSPIRATIONAL: a look at what has inspired ESRScreatives this week, through Pinterest.


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