Portfolio RE-BLOG

the Latin Lounge island, Scan mountain & Look-out tower.the K.DNA flyer. Here it is

KDNA flyer

ESRScreatives advises creatively to the Latin Lounge (here) ! and makes the creative side of marketing it, happen. the Latin Lounge runs social dance events, where people can learn to dance afro-tango and latin styles (Kizomba, Salsa, Bachata). Socials after the classes and party nights too! ..including dancing, music and friends!

b an w Emily 6 flip circleEmily says: “This is one of my favourite designs. I wanted to create something that was VISUALLY INTERACTIVE, a place for the eye to explore and I think this flyer has pulled this beasty off. I would love to live in this little world, living at the palace on Scan Mountain RELAXING IN THE TEPEE,sun & yoga, and climbing Look-out Tower too, keeping an eye out for new Emily creations!”

The K.DNA flyer was created as a way to advertise the Latin Lounge’s AFRO-TANGO teaching team. The traits from the Latin Lounge ESRScreatives wanted to process through the Wonderful Wonders of Emily’s head were: Connecting with the floor and partner. Exploration of the dance and music. Travel, the dance has travelled round the world.

Exploring and Travel were key things here, as they brought using a map as the theme for the flyer and its components.

So lets
take a look inside… from Emily’s POV

dry cracked mud flyer cracked dry earth cracked earth dry stones fallenFor the front of the flyer.. Thinking of grounding myself, strong imagery of dry cracked mud came to mind. Look at these beautiful images!


7 scan mountainScan Mountain One of my favourites, my go to Place on the flyer. I love the colours, the smooth shapes of the mountains, and the exotic palace. The satellite dish is also super duper, reminds me of a little pet. bw esrscreatives illustration circle

I wanted to find interesting ways to use QR codes without looking big, ugly & clumpy, and creating scan mountain was the way to do this.



4 tepee tentthe Latin Lounge island As teaching would take place at the Latin Lounge, it had to make an appearance on the map of course!

tepee circle

Collage influences me, so I stuck a picture of a relaxing space to look as if it was inside the tepee.

chillout citrcle

I also add small borders around the little illustrations, to give an overall cut and stick feel.

8 look out tower

Look-Out Tower Getting in a mention of the regular part nights was a must have, and having ‘look-out tower’ on the map made it much more interesting to the reader!

1 k dna circle flyer esrscreatives design flyer bodies letters

And Lastly:
K DNA standing for, ‘Kizomba DNA’,
the idea of dance
running through us all as humans.

I found these great letters made by photographing people under the water in letter-shaped positions!
Great find, what a perfect fit!

b an w Emily 6 flip circleI hope you have all enjoyed
exploring through this flyer
with me! Please let me know
what you think in the comments!

KDNA flyer


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