Favourites: in circulation: RE-BLOG

What FAVOURITE things are currently circulating?, with Emily.

kindle body butter darington vase simple soothing eye balm deep steep moisture stick sock

The Emily’s Life Categories these favourites have been fitting into are: LIFESTYLE & COMFORTS

A tired week has been calling out for some summer-time comforts! Generally, I think comforts are thought to be warming things in the colder months, or comfort food, but what are your summer-time ones when tired? (let me know below, or tweet me (here)). Keep reading for the descriptions of the ones I have been grateful for.

ooh, A Brand New type of post here @ ESRScreatives. Fabtastic. A FAVOURITES post. And who doesn’t enjoy a favourites post? Feelings are a bubbling all over the place @ ESRScreative central!

 cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpg“Firstly, apologies for the change of schedule this week. I was going to feature a painting I did years ago, as a PORTFOLIO post,  which I really really luxuriate in & savour the moments I take with it.  I was excited and looking forward to sharing it, its so colourful, bright & textured. However, when re-visiting the painting, I struggled to feel able to talk about it & share. I can not remember exactly how it evolved, there are lots of things I can’t explain, plus it felt too raw. It is a very emotional, personal piece, I just couldn’t, however much I wanted to. So, here we are with a Favourites post.”

and the current Lifestyle favourites are…:

This vase was a special gift to me, and I really enjoy the colour of it. The shape of it, and there is a hand pressed glass flower on the side of it. Something currently (+ always will be) appreciated and cared for.

Running out of tea bags and lemon demands some Emily style creativity. Why not add a slice of Grapefruit instead of lemon to your steaming hot water? This is definitely a morning time beverage because of the acidic-ness in the citrus fruit. Don’t let that put you off! It also has a sweetness to the sharpness, if you like grapefruit, you will love this. Add to your toolbox of breakfast recipes. Refreshing, citrus, sweet. Smells good. Wakes you up. Brilliant. Try adding some fresh mint leaves. Or add to your Bergamot Tea Bag for a relaxing detox. I’m planning to try this out on Orange next!

These are the most tastiest, dried fruits I have ever had. The drying process must bring out the strawberry flavour into something thats feels luxurious, rich and gorgeous to your taste-buds. These could even top fresh strawberries for ESRScreatives as you loose the dry acidic sharpness you get to the fresh fruit. They are good. Freeze dried strawberries are taste-tastic too, another one you must try!

Reading is continuously happening here at ESRScreatives. The last month however, has been like a book-worm on artificial-sweeteners. Super Fast, Speedy Weedy Reading. There was a doubt about owning a Kindle when it was first discovered over here, that I would lose that tactile experience you get with a book, the smell, touch, the texture of the pages. But very quickly after purchasing, the conclusion was, I was still transported to where the Author wanted me to go. And the Kindle, I found, was something much more personal and exciting than a normal paperback. You get to carry round the books you have enjoyed, all the time. I love being able to access a different place, at any time, should I wish and it is one of my most valued items I own.

and the current Comforts favourites are….:

Partly because the weather has cooled down a little in temperature, but the tiredness has been calling out for these babies. You know that feeling when you’ve had bare feet for a couple of months and it just feels, so nice, so nice, to put that lovely pair of socks on over your toes, and it just feels so warming and comforting.

A must for puffy, tired eyes. Simple suggests this one for evening, but because of its cooling, tightening sensation upon application, this is a great one for morning wake ups and helps sort the puffy-attack a little too!

I always, always have some sort of essential oil concoction to hand. It’s something that is always within 5 metres of myself. Multi-tasking goodness. Great makeup remover when needing to feel clean. Nail oil. Lip Balm. Dry Skin saviour. Aromatherapy uses too. And this particular grapefruit and bergamot scent is perfect for waking up when you are tired, but relaxing too. I like to massage my face with essential oils, and this mix is perfect for my current sedated state.

Usually, because of the summer, a more fits-into-season fragrance would be used to moisturise the skin. But the tiredness has again, called for something comforting and more warming. This almond fragrance I would consider as a winter-seasonal thing, but it has been a friend at this time of need. Nutty and makes my skin feel plump and healthy when massaged in. Just really really thankful to have this on hand.

thumb yellow lifestyle blog favourites  thumb yellow lifestyle blog favourites  thumb yellow lifestyle blog favourites  thumb yellow lifestyle blog favourites   thumb yellow lifestyle blog favourites

I really enjoyed writing & photographing this post. I hope all of you, my readers, liked it. I’m planning to do more of these style posts, so please let me know if you did! Comment below or tweet me @ ESRScreatives (link).

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