#FlawlessFriday: ESRS Beauty Item RE-BLOG

How to wear darks in summer. A round up of Emily’s favourite two looks (eyes & lips).

Prefer wearing darks to lights? Not sure how to pull this off during summer? Well, ESRScreatives think we have cracked it. We created three looks on this mini series:
#1 Focused on the eyes. #2 FOCUSED ON THE CHEEKS. and #3 Focused on the lips.

beauty item circle thumb cheeks thumb thumb lips

This post is a quick SUM-UP for the looks, EYES and LIPS. (Emily’s most favoured (with added tips to make using your dark shades work for you in summer of course)) but, If you want to take a look at all three original posts, Focus: Eyes (HERE) Focus: Cheeks (HERE) & Focus: Lips (HERE).

Emily’s first favourite, Lips:
Ok. So. The accent shade for this look chosen was a brown sugar raspberry red lipstick (as seen in the image below). Tips for making your dark lips summery:

#1 Bronze it up baby. bronze your cheeks, your high points, your nose. And your eyes. Just bronze it.
#2 Natural eyes.
Keep it natural and beautifying. Define your eye contours with browns.
#2 and a half. sexy liner.
Use a dark purple eyeliner to compliment your lip.
#3 Highlight with gold.
Yep. Its summer, it meant to be sexy, its meant to be hot. Add your gold.

how to wear darks in summer with finished look

you want THE MAIN TIPS on How you turn your dark colours you love into SULTRY SUMMER SHADES? ESRScreatives quick hints and tips are:     (psst. your sum up for the Eyes look is further down).

#1..   triple up your deep berry, plum and red shades with lots of nudes and a hint of gold.
By nudes, we mean all the neutral shades you own. Bronze (see next point). Taupes. Nudes. & Greys. Silver too. And don’t forget the Gold. This is point of the points here. Choose one or two dark shades you love, add them to one place on your face, so eyes/lips/cheeks, and keep it warm and natural to define everything else.
#2..   bronze your self up. It’s summer!
By adding bronze, you essentially warm any potential cool-toned shades to scorching summer temperatures. It adds depth, natural sexiness, definition to your face, and just makes it sexy. So. bronze. bronze. bronze! Using a gold shade for highlighting as well, keeps it rich and luxuriously sizzling for summer.
#3..    wear white.
By wearing white, or very light colours, or something simple. You basically give a platform for your makeup look, to stand out. Simple is often the most rewarding and effective way to do things.

you Need to remember these tips, so easy peasy lemon squeasy to achieve Everytime with these in mind.

cheeks thumb thumb lips thumb beauty item circle 2

b an w Emily 6 flip circleEmily Says: “I’m love how adding lots of bronze, gold and neutrals can add a real depth, SEXINESS and warmth to the dark shades I adore. Bright and fresh is refreshing in summer, but coming back to the lovely rich reds, and intense berry shades really makes your summer face a mysterious magnificence.

And lastly, lets take a sum-up look of the look focused on Eyes:
Here, Emily choose a lovely neutral rich shimmery caramelised berry pink powder as her dark shade accent. Tips to use an eyeshadow as your focal point are:

#1 Lasting Power. 
as its summer, you want long wear. Mix cream shadows and powders to create PRETTY CEMENT for your eyes, it does. not. budge. Emily used a Taupe shade as her base for this look, you could use a similar colour to the shade you are want to accentuate though. However, by using a taupe with your darks shades, it adds more depth. makes it darker, and you can also press the powder into it it the end for an added Pop.
#2 Neutrals
surprise surprise. It’s so easy to finish your looks off with nudes on your lips and bronze on your cheeks when your main focus is your eyes.

how to wear darks in summer with finished look eyes

We hope you have enjoyed this mini series over here at ESRScreatives. Like this post if you like it, let ESRScreatives know what you like and don’t like in the comments. Tweet me (twitter) your versions, tips, tricks and colour loves, I’d love to see.. and keep your eyes peeled for more posts like this! (if theres good feedback).

Products used for LIPS:
Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette in Cashmere Bunny, Honey Pot & Chocolate Martini
Paul & Joe Pressed Powder UV in 004
Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder in 51
No7 Metallic Eyes Pencil in Purple
Soap & Glory Super-Colour Fabu Lipstick in Red My Lips

Products used for EYES:
Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette in Nudie, Push-up and Honey Pot
L’oreal Infalible 24Hr Lip Colour in 113 Invinicble Sable
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Taupe
Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara in Plum
Bourjois CC Cream in 52
Pixi Brightening Peach Colour corrector
Paul & Joe Pressed Powder UV in 004
Nails Inc nail varnish in Hampstead Gardens


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