Colour: the past week in TURQUOISE & GREEN mixed with everything else

Colour: Which colours & How they have taken part in Emily’s week.

Colourful streets and Buildings.


coloured windows for coloured corridors.

The Last Seven Days have been featuring: Turquiose & Green mixed with everything else; Pinks, Yellows, Oranges. Multi-coloured in short.
The Emily’s Life Categories these have been fitting into are: Inspiration/Appreciation. 

b an w Emily 6 flip circleEmily says: “Colour is the fuel that make my brain cogs turn round. It feeds my creative hunger and helps me to be constructive. ‘Colour: the past week in’ is a show and tell post to talk about which colours, why, and how they have been part of ESRScreatives over the past 7 days.”


Pale Pinks, Oranges and Yellows, Blues and Green.

An inspired colour week and not much to say.

A sense of false reality, as innocent understanding like a child. Sweets from an Adult Sweet Shop.
Life is feeling chirpy and perky, its going to be O.K.

6 4

3 7 8

Colour: the past week in: Pinterest Board (HERE)(Also a source to find original source of any images I post)
If you want more regular Colour updates from ESRScreatives, check it out.
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Fluorescent Pink, Baby Blue, and Rosy Pink.


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