#FlawlessFriday: ESRS Beauty Item

Summer into Autumn Colours, get wearing them!

profile bourjois stila too faced the body shop

It’s coming to the end of summer, the evenings are getting shorter and you really really don’t want the weather to start cooling down. ALAS, this summer, the weather seems to be cool already, and its not even the end of August.. So ESRScreatives have been wearing nice and warm colours on the face, that make us feel warm and cosy but still summery inside. Heres our look for Summer into Autumn Colours.

cropped-b-an-w-emily-6-flip-circle.jpgEmily Thinks: “At the start of summer wearing light and bright is really nice and refreshing, but by the time summer is coming to an end in August, I like to start wearing my fuller summer colours that I feel are a little powerful for the beginning of summer straight after Springtime!

autumn summer colours

YEP, you could say wearing this is a metaphorical cheeky rain dance to the beautiful orange and red crunchy leaves that the trees are going to start producing once you put this zesty brightener on your face.

Still reminds you of summertime, but also another lovely colour of Autumn Leaves..

A brightener and Very summery, simple, and bold.

Just keep remembering those Autumn leaves..

Tips for Achieving a Summery/Autumn look:

#1 Warm Shades using warm shades is always a good way to turn the temperature up. Bronzer is sensible, as its summer and you are still wanting glowing tanned skin. And using warm blusher shades is also another sensible idea. We have used an orange blush, try using a warm peachy shade if orange is a little out of your comfort zone.
#2 Bright Pinks Remember this isn’t just an Autumn look, its Summer into Autumn. so wear one of your summer shades thats been out on your face all season.
#2 Autumnal Reflections Yeah, this is a bit cringe worthy but we think the Autumnal colours added with one summery shade works. It’s something to remember if you want to get your colours choices right. 

end of summer colours

Products used for LIPS:
The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick in 225

Products used for CHEEKS:
Stila Convertible Colour in Gladiola
Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder in 51

Products used for EYES:
Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette in Push-up and Erotica.
Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder in 51
Benefit Creasless Cream Shadow in No Pressure


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