Colour: the past week in GOLDS, NUDES & DEEP PINKS

Colour: Which colours & How they have taken part in Emily’s week.

b an w Emily 6 flip circleEmily says: “Colour is the fuel that make my brain cogs turn round. It feeds my creative hunger and helps me to be constructive. ‘Colour: the past week in’ is a show and tell post to talk about which colours, why, and how they have been part of ESRScreatives over the past 7 days.”

The Last Seven Days have been featuring: GOLDS, NUDES & DEEP PINKS.
The Emily’s Life Categories these have been fitting into are: Beauty & Inspirations. 

I’m suddenly having a wave of ‘I want to wear dark colours even though I am supposed to be bright and neon and fluorescent because it’s summer’ moment. I’m naturally drawn to darker deeper colours, and I think it’s quite nice being able to appreciate these colours in summertime actually. You know when it’s cold outside, the heatings on, but theres still that chill within you, the days are dark, and you wear dark colours because it’s DARK, not necessarily because you are taking the time to appreciate the colours. See in summer, I feel like I can actually recognise dark colours, I like and take the time to look AT them and soak in their deepness and richness ..Unlike in Winter, where my colours are generally taken over by how I am feeling, usually influenced heavily by the weather. Primarily, I have been wearing these colours on my face. I found that by wearing light coloured clothes, I can make using nudes, and pinks work, warming it up with some golden hues stranding through.  Because of my sudden colour lovin’ on my face, I’ve decided to do a three part ESRS Beauty Item mini series, on how to wear darks in summer (#1 Here). Although I didn’t want to make this primarily a Beauty Blog.. I wanted men and women to be able to enjoy reading here on ESRScreatives, I just can’t ignore how important makeup is to me Creatively. I like playing with colour everyday, on my face, and usually alot of colours that are inspiring and making me feel content day to day, end up on my face, because it’s such an easy accessible medium for me to be creative, and I like to show of my creativity subtly by using this.

There is also some lovely creative inspirations over on Pinterest which I’ve been keen on, relating to this particular colour theme. The first 4 images below are Pinterest finds that I’m liking.

I’ve set up a Pinterest Board (HERE)(Also source to find original source of any images I post) to Pin any colours that are an influence for me Right Now, in relation to Colour: the past week in Posts. If you want more regular Colour updates from ESRScreatives, check it out. If you are liking my Pinterest Pins, then you may enjoy reading through my sundayPINSPIRATIONAL posts too!

Lets take a look at some visuals I’ve put together, after all, colour is something you have to see to experience, the words come afterwards really..:

Screen shot 2014-07-25 at 09.59.04 Screen shot 2014-07-25 at 09.59.27 Screen shot 2014-07-25 at 09.59.55 Screen shot 2014-07-25 at 10.00.37
colour swatches makeup beauty blog pinks dark pink mude tan taupe natural golds golds bronze tan colour beauty makeup blog lifestyle creative


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