Colour: the past week in PINK, RED & CLOUDY BLUES

Colour: Which ones & How they have taken part in Emily’s week.

b an w Emily 6 flip circleEmily says: “Colour is the fuel that make my brain cogs turn round. It feeds my creative hunger and helps me to be constructive. ‘Colour: the past week in’ is a show and tell post to talk about which colours, why, and how they have been sparking the ESRScreatives fire over the past 7 days.”

The Last Seven Days have been featuring: PINK, RED & CLOUDY BLUES.
The Emily’s Life Categories these have been fitting into are: Design and Makeup. 

The sun is shining, the air has finally hotted through (it feels warm in the air even when the sun don’t shine, you know what I mean?), and I think that is what is making me reach for the Warm-toned Reds and Pinks. I could Literally just sit in the sun all day, looking at different combinations of these two CONTRASTING colours together. I’ve been swatching pink and red lipsticks on the back of my hand, just because I want to look at them.. and then feeling like its a bad habit to be ashamed of.. I love applying colour to my face, that is what I like about makeup, it’s not so much about beautifying myself, it’s about being creative with different colour combinations. I’m really looking to get hold of a blue/silver eyeshadow and have been keeping an eye out for a while.. finally I think I have found one to possibly try out, which is more silver with a grey/blue tint to it.. watch this space..!

Design wise, I have been creating a new illustration style image for myself which is hopefully going to become the face of this blog and my twitter etc, with some lovely pinks reds and blues running through it. I’ve been super enjoying using cool cloudy blues and warmer baby blues with hints of turquoise alongside the warmth from the pinks and reds, giving a kind of, worn-through retro, but clean and modern feel. The colour scheme coming to ESRScreatives will be using colours from the image. If you check out my Twitter (@ESRScreatives) then you will be able to get a few sneak peaks of the work in progress (also a couple of sneak-ys below)! It’s worth looking back on my sundayPINSPIRATIONAL posts and checking them up over the next few Sunday’s as you will probably be able to see more of a visual story, telling my influences here! I will probably do a PORTFOLIO post all about my design too, so keep an eye for that too.

I’ve set up a Pinterest Board (HERE) to Pin any colours that are an influence for me Right Now, in relation to Colour: the past week in Posts. If you want more regular Colour updates from ESRScreatives, check it out.

Lets take a look at some visuals I’ve put together, after all, colour is something you have to see to experience, the words come after..:

Cacti Succulents Pinterest Red Yellow Blue Blog
Fruit Print Pinterest Grey Blue Pink Yellow Blog Screen shot 2014-Print Pinterest Blue Red -11 at 15.05.05
Source for above three images (HERE)
bourjois lips cheks paul and joe reds red pink pinks blush blusher
stila bourjois ciate the body shop red pink coral paul and joe stila lip glaze colours pink red orla kiely
©ESRSsucculents blue illlustration taster design red pink colours on trend interior
©ESRSsucculents illlustration taster design red pink colours on trend interior


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