Bulletin – Summertime Vol.1

It’s that time of year to get those Cheeky Chaps living from down under, out from the grotto for their Annual Breather.. so turn your Tricky Toes into TASTY TOESSquishy Sausages into SPARKLING SOVEREIGNS, and your Pasty Prunes into PERKY PINKIES with Emily’s current Colour Loves and tips to make you feel confident in your birk-ee-s!

It’s Summertime Volume.. number 4, it’s nearly the end (1 more week) of this Summer Seasonal Bulletin, however ESRScreatives is extraordinarily excited for new things coming up on the blog!

nail varnish sand summer bloggrass summer toes nails red pink hot

This Week on Bulletin – Summertime Vol.1: ooh-eer.. This Hot Raspberry Red is a fantastic candidate to make your tootsies feel super Sexy in a tick. Turn yourself into a walking LoveBOMb with this Magnificent summertime entree. This pink really Glows in the sunlight with its Neon hints and its Raunchy Personality.

pink red hot toes nails sand summer coulours

Check it OUT! This colour is such a striking beaut – Definitely ESRScreatives summertime favourite this year! BOw Chicka wow WOW

b an w Emily 6 flip circleEmily Thinks: “..hmmm. Birkenstock’s aren’t exactly ATTRACTIVE.. actually, to me the are the opposite = UnAttractive. but I like the idea of wearing them for that reason. Ironic? I like that too. I don’t want to accidentally make myself too ugly by wearing these alluring sandals however. That’s why I need to start documenting how to make these Bad Boys bring the SEXY back by adding some ViVasciousness to my little piglets.. think, ‘Sensual Ancient Egyptian‘..”

Next Week:
It’s a roundup of the last few Summertime Vol. Weeks done with pure ESRScreatives style!

Emily wears:
Ciate Mini in Play Date


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