@work: Lunch

REWARD your Tummy this Lunch time. Easy, Peasy, Simple, Healthy FOOD to make you feel all squeaky clean inside, at the office. put off buying a processed, withered, weak Sandwich again. treat your mind-body well.

This week, Apricot WALNUT couscous.

bowl walnuts apricots nutmeg couscous cous cous lunch easy quick instant

Emily thinks: “This is so easy peasy and quick to make at the office – or pre-make and take.
All you need ingredient-wise is; COUSCOUS, dried apricots, Walnuts, less than half of a VEG STOCK cube, water, and Freshly Grated Nutmeg.
All you need utensil-wise is; a plastic food tub (I like to use the locking ones), fork, kettle and a knife.”

1. Boil your kettle of water (If to make and take). 2. Put your couscous into your desired pot (60g of dried makes approximatly 180g of cooked). 3. Crumble your Veg Stock into the couscous. 4. Chop your Apricots into your pot. 5. Add Nutmeg.
And you are ready to go ! Take your dried couscous like this, if you want to make me @work. Remember your walnuts in a separate bag, as you don’t want them to go soggy when you add the water.
To finish off your meal:
6. Pour over your boiling water (Emily covers the couscous by about 1cm of water, but check your couscous packets instructions). 7. Give your mix a quick stir so the stock cube dissolves evenly. 8. Cover with your lid for 5mins. 9. Add your nuts, Fluff with your fork, and Enjoy.
For extra Tasty sensations: Eat with some pre-grilled honey and lemon salmon.

walnuts apricots nutmeg

Enthralling Actuality: Did you know, in Chinese, the APRICOTs name, translates as ‘moons of the faithful’.



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