@work: Lunch

REWARD your Tummy this Lunch time. Easy, Peasy, Simple, Healthy FOOD to make you feel all squeaky clean inside, at the office. put off buying a processed, withered, weak Sandwich again. treat your mind-body well. This week, we are eating MASHED AVOCADO on MULTIGRAIN BAGELS. minimal washing up. 3 All you need to do is: 1. Toast your bagel (or choice of other bread). 2. SCOOP your avocado with a spoon. 3. Mash your avocado (straight onto your bagel with a fork makes it sooo satisfactory: 10 out of 10). 4. Add a sprinkle of rock salt: to give your taste-buds an occasional mouth-watering surprise (optional). Enthralling Actuality: Did you know, An Avocado is technically a BERRY? and the Avocado is related to CINNAMON and CAMPHOR? They all come from a Flowering Plant family called Lauraceae. 2 1 Emily thinks: “Avocados are FILLING. Avocados are TASTY. Avocados FILL YOU UP. Avocados are SMOOTH. Avocados are CREAMY. Avocados have a high MONOunsaturated fat content (lowering bad cholesterol). Avocados are GREEN. Avocados are HEALTHY HEART FOODS. Avocados moisturise skin. And they look great mashed. Avocados are something I CRAVE. delicious.” 4


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